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addestramento del cane video

But this is not a peaceful dog. He's shaking (a lot more than you can see in the vid), his ears are pulled down, and so is his tail, he sometimes licks his nose, he sniffs the ground exactly when the guy passes by, he stands the most far he can, pulling on the leash toward the way out, he keeps shutting his eyes too often and his gaze looks both for a way out and some help from the owner. This is the most hurtful detail: when a dog stares at you like that, either he's asking a question or asking for help. I'd say that in this very occasion he's asking the owner to move somewhere else. But the owner doesn't know, doesn't listen, doesn't care. He's not even aware of his dog standing there close to him. He handles the dog like he was luggage. The little dog only gets an indifferent back. Trust gets  broken. The owner should be reliable, should be the protector, someone to trust, whereas he's the one who puts the dog into a scaring context and who doesn't care about his cry for help. Sometimes he even turns into the enemy, berating, threatening or attacking the scared dog cause he's not behaving (this isn't the case, but I could show plenty, cause scared dogs aren't always quiet).
Such things, as a betrayed dog, do break my heart.

Text and video Sylvie Vuillermoz

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